Saturday 23rd June - 9:30am till 1:30pm

Energy Healing or Chi Healing others with Tai Chi Healing Connections is a relatively simple process. Following our self practise protocol, we can identify blockages and imbalances within the energy field (aura), energy centres (chakras) and meridians. Then through the advanced exercises taught in this Special Workshop we learn how to best to heal their vibration to an optimum abundant state. (image below)

We will also introduce how to use a pendulum to diagnose energetic imbalances.

Pendulums will be on sale on the day.

Please note: This Special Workshop is for those who have been practising Tai Chi Healing Connections.


Left is someone who regularly practises Tai Chi Healing Connections and Meditation.

Right is an unbalanced auric field!

Our goal is to Raise the Chi of the person to an abundant energetic state (Left)

Left Healthy Aura / Right Unbalanced Aura

  • Tai Chi 5 Element 'Advanced Healing Forms'
  • Identify & Remove Blockages & Imbalances
  • Learn to Balance their Chi Safely
  • Learn to Cut Energetic Cords
  • Using a Pendulum - Introduction


  • Energy Healing Workshop - Sutton Branch

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