Tai Chi Chuan 

  • Well Being & Fitness

    All classes teach safe effective warm ups & Chi Kung (Energy Cultivation). Tai Chi Chuan is taught in a progressive sequence. This develops strong foundations for mental, physical and energetic well being.

  • Co-ordination & Relaxation

    Discover how Tai Chi Chuan rewires and develops your muscle memory, co-ordination and relaxation response. Every part of the body is connected through the gentle flowing movements of the form.

  • Tai Chi 10 Essentials

    The 10 Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan are valuable tools for your progress. Learning key focus points to assist your posture, forms and energy development that will assist you in all areas of life. This is a progressive skill.

Discover your Health, Energy & True Potential.

"Are you ready to Raise your Chi?  


Tai Chi Chuan is a practise of movement and meditation that utilises the Taoist philosophy of balance and harmony, Yin and Yang. The word Chuan can translate as Force or Fist and through the forms we learn the martial aspects and how to blend with stress and forces in our life. The Forms are a wonderful way to keep fit, look after your health and discover the deeper philosophy of how the body, mind and universe all integrate.

The 24 Forms are one of the most popular styles of Tai Chi Chuan and the 64 Forms take your development and Chi to new levels. Our teaching methods have helped hundreds of students to find balance, improved health and find their true path in life. From glowing health to gold medals... The Treasure is Yours!



Learn & Practise Tai Chi Online.

  • Follow & Learn

    Follow along with front, back and side views of the videos. Developing each movement and each section one step at a time.

  • Always Available

    As a Member of this programme you can login and watch the videos on any device or PC. Just connect to your wifi and go.

  • E-mail Lesson Response

    As a member of this programme you can E-mail questions about your personal practise and development.