Tai Chi Chuan             64 Forms

"Deep from within your centre...
your energy moves and begins to spin.
Expanding and contracting.
Spiraling and coiling,
Expressing the Chi"

This Special Offer is a monthly membership which allows access to the Tai Chi Chuan 64 Forms content, videos and images which is always availableYou will also receive access to new videos and articles as they are produced. 


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      • Tai Chi Chuan 64 Forms
      • Front & Back Views
      • Martial Applications
      • Tai Chi Philosophy & Study

      Tai Chi Chuan 64 Forms

      Tai Chi Chuan is a practise of of movement and meditation that utilises the Taoist philosophy of balance and harmony, Yin and Yang.

      The 64 Forms are an 'Expression of Chi' and a comprehensive form of exercise that promotes Health, Energy and Fitness.

      Regular practise develops Well Being, Balance and Co-ordination through continuous flowing movements providing powerful tools for reducing stress and deepening your innate wisdom.


      Benefits of the programme

      • Well Being & Fitness

        Tai Ch Chuan 64 Forms build and develop your Chi Energy right from your very Core. Providing vibrant energy to nourish your body and your life.

      • Co-ordination & Relaxation

        Discover how Tai Chi Chuan rewires and develops your muscle memory, co-ordination and relaxation response. Every part of the body is connected through the gentle flowing movements of the form.

      • Martial Applications & Chi Development

        Learn how each movement has a martial and energetic application. Providing tools to transform, develop and neutralise stress on all levels.

      Key Features

      • Follow & Learn

        Follow along with both front and back views of the videos. Developing each section one step at a time.

      • Always Available

        As a Member of this programme you can login and watch the videos on any device or PC. Just connect to your wifi and go.

      • E-mail Lesson Response

        As a member of this programme you can E-mail questions about your personal practise and development.


      What Students say...

      • "This form is a wonderful progression from the 24 forms. I can really feel the my Chi Energy Spinning!"
      • "The 64 Forms have expanded my knowledge of Tai Chi and deepened my awareness of Self!"
      • "I Feel Ready for Anything after my Daily Practise of the 64 Forms!"

      As a new member you will receive a new section of the form each week. The Form is progressive and is built slowly overtime. The programme includes footage of both front and back views of the Tai Chi 64 Forms.

      These include "The Tai Chi Warm Ups", "Martial Applications" & "All 8 Sections of the 64 Forms".

      Each will be covered individually so you can enjoy and develop at an easy pace.

      Deepen your Knowledge

      The theory of Yin & Yang and the 13 Energy Patterns of Tai Chi Chuan play a key part of 64 Forms. With practise the art of staying present, centred and relaxed will flow into every day life.

      Daily Benefits

      It's So Easy to fit the programme as part of your daily routine. You will feel that "When your Chi is abundant and flowing you can feel happy, connected and healthy."