Tai Chi Chuan             24 Forms

Practise & play Tai Chi 24 Forms with our Online Tai Chi programme. Our forms have served hundreds of students on many levels... The treasure is yours!

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£14.99 is a one-off payment for the complete Tai Chi 24 Forms programme. ORDER NOW!

The programme is designed to give time and space for personal development and energetic growth.

You can view the lessons as the programme rolls out then whenever you like as a member of this package, on any device.

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  • Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms
  • Front, Back & Side Views
  • Safe Effective Warm Ups
  • Learn Tai Chi 10 Essentials
  • Email Lesson Response

Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms

Tai Chi Chuan is a practise of movement and meditation that utilises the Taoist philosophy of balance and harmony, Yin and Yang.

The 24 Forms are one of the most popular styles of Tai Chi Chuan practised today. Our teaching methods have helped hundreds of students to find balance, improved health and their true path in life. From glowing health to gold medals...

The Treasure is Yours!

We cover the forms one section at a time with each movement guided and shown from many angles and locations.


The Tai Chi 10 Essentials are...

Your Key to Unlock your Potential!

They provide progressive steps on the journey for insight and understanding the philosophy and wisdom of the Supreme Ultimate...Tai Chi Chuan.

Each Essential point is covered with videos to help motivate your practise and development.

Tai Chi Chuan is more than just slow moving Forms.

Join Us to Discover the... True Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan.

Benefits of the programme

  • Well Being & Fitness

    Safe effective Chi Kung Warm Ups & Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms provide strong foundations for mental and physical well being.

  • Co-ordination & Relaxation

    Discover how Tai Chi Chuan rewires and develops your muscle memory, co-ordination and relaxation response. Every part of the body is connected through the gentle flowing movements of the form.

  • Tai Chi 10 Essentials

    Learn key focus points to assist your posture, forms and development. The 10 Essentials of Tai Chi are valuable tools for your progress.

Key Features

  • Follow & Learn

    Follow along with front, back and side views of the videos. Developing each movement and each section one step at a time.

  • Always Available

    As a Member of this programme you can login and watch the videos on any device or PC. Just connect to your wifi and go.

  • E-mail Lesson Response

    As a member of this programme you can E-mail questions about your personal practise and development.

What Students say...

  • "It's great that I can see the movements from many angles"
  • "Tai Chi 10 Essences are a valuable tool and have helped immensely "
  • "The focus on the Footwork and Stances of each section really helps"

As a member of this programme you will receive the complete 24 forms which is designed to be progressive and is built slowly overtime. The programme includes footage of front, back and side views of the Tai Chi 24 Forms.

These include The Tai Chi Warm Ups, Tai Chi loosening Exercises, Stances & Footwork, The 10 Essentials of Tai Chi and the complete Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms.

Each Section of the Form will be covered individually so you can enjoy and develop at an easy pace.

Deepen your Knowledge

The theory of Yin & Yang is practised and applied throughout the form. By practising the art of staying present, centred and relaxed our energy flows through our body and into our life.

Just one Easy Payment to get you started...

Daily Benefits

It's So Easy to fit the programme in as part of your daily routine. You will feel that "When your Chi is abundant and flowing, you can feel happy, connected and healthy."

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