Join us on Monday 15th August

7pm till 8:00pm


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100 Days of Chi - Live Class

100 day Gong - "CELEBRATION" 

A Gong is a Taoist tradition to change energy patterns and devote ourselves to a chosen task.
It is a promise to ones self to stay focused on a path towards a designated goal and CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE.

You've stuck to the practise,
gained momentum
and hopefully created new habits and behaviours for a healthier new you.

Join Master Lee this Monday for our LIVE CLASS to celebrate together the 100 days of Chi practise.

As we learn and practise these valuable lessons we can nourish our
Chi to its fullest to enjoy the flow of our Chi Journey.


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In Taoism, the human body is depicted as a landscape or garden.
An ecosystem where all parts contain and affect the whole.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is rooted in Taoism, and sees the body as a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. Just as a garden is affected by the environment, so to are our bodies.
In Chinese Medicine, there is a fundamental principal called "yang sheng," which means "nourishing life."
Here, the interior environment is of utmost importance and physicians were historically paid for keeping patients well rather than treating sickness.

The goal in Eastern medicine is to nourish the body and mind, establishing harmony so that it is resistant to disease. It is only when the body is out of balance that disease can arise.


Join our Classes to Balance your Inner Landscape. 

Live Classes

Monday Evenings Online Class 

Tai Chi Healing Connections / Chi Kung

7pm till 8pm

8pm till 8:30pm (Meditation)


Light. Love & Good Chi

Join Master Lee in these Special Classes classes Online to begin to understand and transform our emotions through our playful practise of Tai Chi Healing Connections.
Each week we will discover and learn how the energy patterns of emotions play an active part in our wellness, energy levels and life decisions.

In energy medicine, emotions are valued as key components to understand our imbalances and mindset. Through our practise of movement and meditations we have all the skills to shift these patterns, transform the low frequencies and Raise our Chi.

Topics Covered

  • Wu Xing - 5 Elements
  • Chakra Systems
  • Meridian Systems
  • Tai Chi Healing Connections Forms
  • Open & Closed Palm Chi Kung
  • 3 Dan Tian Meditations

Discover your True Chi!

Tai Chi Healing Connections is a system of healing and personal development. Through the gentle flowing movements of 'The 5 Element Form' we discover that everything is connected.

We can learn to transform our negative emotions into feelings of inner peace and joy!
20 minutes everyday provides us with our own personal space and treatment session with a gradual transformation into wellness and vitality.