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Hello friends, these catch up lessons for those who have joined our monthly subscription and who are committed to the class, their well being and personal development.

Videos are password protected which you should have received the in an email. Videos will available for around 7 days before the new ones appear. Enjoy. Lee

  • Mondays 12.4.21 Yin & Yang Wei Mai 'Linking Vessels' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 12.4.21 'Meditations' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 5.4.21 Yin & Yang Qiao Mai 'Heel Vessels' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 5.4.21 'Meditations' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 29.3.21 TCHC & 'Girdle (Belt) Vessel' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 29.3.21 Belt Vessel 'Meditations' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 22.3.21 MCO 'Meditations' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 22.3.21 Micro Cosmic Orbit with Open Palm Chi Kung - Catch Up

  • Mondays 15.3.21 'Tai Chi Healing Connections' Ren Mai - Catch Up

  • Mondays 15.3.21 TCHC 'Meditations' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 8.3.21 'Tai Chi Healing Connections' Chong Mai - Catch Up

  • Mondays 8.3.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 1.3.21 'Tai Chi Healing Connections' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 1.3.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 22.2.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 15.2.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 8.2.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 1.2.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 18.1.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 11.1.21 TCHC 'Chi Flow Sequence' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 11.1.21 TCHC 'Meditation' - Catch Up

  • Mondays 4.1.21 TCHC 'Healing the Organs' - Catch Up

  • 13 Patterns 6.7.20. Catch Up.
  • 13 Patterns of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Healing Connections

Tai Chi Healing Connections is a system of healing and personal development. Through the gentle flowing movements of 'The 5 Element Form' we discover that everything is connected.

We can learn to transform our negative emotions into feelings of inner peace and joy!
10 minutes everyday provides us with our own personal space and treatment session with a gradual transformation into wellness and vitality.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a practise of of movement and meditation that utilises the Taoist philosophy of balance and harmony, Yin and Yang.

The Forms are an 'Expression of Chi' and a comprehensive form of exercise that promotes Health, Energy and Fitness.

Regular practise develops Well Being, Balance and Co-ordination through continuous flowing movements providing powerful tools for reducing stress and deepening your innate wisdom.

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      All classes are follow along and suitable for beginners.

      Classes are live streamed on Zoom (free download on desktop or device) as a way to support you and your family through these changing times. Meeting ID and passwords will be sent manually. If you do not receive yours before the next class please email us.

      As with all forms of exercise, please listen to your body and go slowly.

      Lee Tai Chi Centre cannot be responsible for any harm or injures caused.