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Welcome to our JOYS OF SUMMER Course. 

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Taoists associate the summer season with the forceful Yang Fire element, the energy of the Heart, Pericardium and Small Intestines, and the emotions of joy and passion. If attuned correctly, summer can be a super-charged and positive time of year. 

Be warned though: if your Yang Fire energy transforms into excess it can leave you feeling totally flat, burned out, restless, tense and irritable.

Over 5 weeks, Master Lee will guide you 

into the flow state of the Joys of Summer.

In this 5 week Summer Course you will learn how to

work with the cycles of the Sun, 

rebalance with positive energy flow of light,

 learn healing acupoints for health and summer balance.

These are all included in our forms and meditations.

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In Traditional Chinese 5-Element Theory,  

blood and Chi flow are key concepts to good health.

In the course you will discover the Chi Kung Forms of moving, standing and sitting meditations.

Learn to identify physical, emotional and mental blockages.

Learn how to balance these with 

Acupuncture points, 

Meridian flow Tapping 

and corresponding moves from the Open Palm Chi Kung &

Tai Chi Healing Connections Forms & Meditations.

The classes will go Live on Zoom every Monday 7pm till 8:30pm and will be recorded 

so you can enjoy the practise and revisit the theory again and again.

Join the Live Classes
Watch the Video Lessons on Catch Up
(BONUS) Download the Videos for Practise



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LIVE CLASS Monday 7pm TILL 8:30pm

Please Book 24 hours ahead for Live Class

This content is part of the ongoing Live Class Group Package so there is no need to purchase separately.

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