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"Discover a daily practise of Tai Chi 

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Tai Chi Healing Connections


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  • Correct Physical and Energetic Alignment
  • Techniques for Grounding & Cleansing
  • Integration of the Reiki Precepts
  • Seiki Tanden Breathing & Development
  • Daily Self Healing & Healing Others
  • Tai Chi Healing Connections 5 Element Forms

Lee & Anne Marie


Energy Healing

  • Venue - St Michael's, The Sanctury, Ewell Village
  • Sunday 18th March 2018

Open to Reiki Practioners

Advanced Bookings Only.

For further details, bookings and availability, please contact us using the form below or call

Anne Marie - 07939 367688

Lee - 07931 954549

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Hi Lee, I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for the workshop last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt like I was floating at the end! Thank you for your teachings and insights. I have been incorporating it into my daily practice and can feel a difference. It has reignited my love of Tai Chi as well! I am definitely going to purchase the video of the routine as I have forgotten a few parts.

Sending huge gratitude and smiles (what a difference the smile makes in meditation!)

T.D Life Coach


I was fortunate enough to be one of the participants on the first Reiki Tai Chi Healing Connection workshops.  For me this was a fabulous time learning something new which is energy enhancing.  The movements were demonstrated and we each followed to the best of our own individual abilities.  The morning was very enjoyable and the exercises were both relaxing and yet energising.

Lee prepares Chi Healing sprays for both the room and aura cleansing.  I personally have the energising blend and can highly recommend this spray.

Following on from the Workshop I subscribed to Lee’s Tai Chi Healing Connections.  This online viewing is a reminder of the warm ups and the healing 5 Element forms.  It is peaceful and includes more information on the different forms and the influence the movements have on the body, mind and spirit.  These two viewings take approximately 15 minutes to complete each day and help me to feel both relaxed and energised to start my day and have made a significant difference to my overall state of mind.

I strongly recommend both the Workshop and the Tai Chi Healing Connections online tuition, it has had such a beneficial effect on me and I would like to see this shared with everyone.

Janice Blyther 8.9.2017