Tai Chi & Chi Kung

Your Tai Chi Journey Begins Here...

All classes have a unique flavour and essentially lead in the direction of our main goal,

Connecting and Developing your Energy Alignment & Centre.

Each class supports every practice and your energetic development, Raising your Chi. From our centre we find stillness, clarity, and energy. The path of the Tao opens as our health and energy improve over time. We will provide the theory, insight, philosophy and practise guidelines for all the teachings.

  • Tai Chi Chuan

    Tai Chi Chuan is the traditional practise of moving meditation, learning a progressive form. We teach all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan including the martial applications and push hands. Find out More…

  • Tai Chi Healing Connections

    The 5 Element Form is easy to learn and practise and provides essential knowledge and wisdom for all styles of Tai Chi & Chi Kung. Start to feel the healing benefits of Tai Chi immediately. Find out More

  • Workshops & Special Classes

    Special classes and workshops run throughout the year. They will deepen your knowledge and Energetic Vibration. Find out More…

Discover your Health, Energy & True Potential.

"Are you ready to Raise your Chi?"  

Please note: As children require a different class format, all our current classes and workshops unless specified are adult based. For further questions please feel free to contacts us.