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Welcome to Vitality Balance Therapy with Lee Fairweather.

With over 30 years of experience, Lee is equipped and trained to treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms at the clinics. 

Whether your goal is to find natural health solutions or to comprehensively change your lifestyle. 

We can support you with the unique skill set of Acupuncture, Energy Healing and bespoke Guided Healing Meditations.

After your personal consultation, we use this unique system of Vitality Balance Therapy, bringing all levels of the bioenergy field into balance.

Our thoughts, feelings and physical form are all interconnected.

Through Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Breathwork and Personal Guided Meditations, we learn to transform and release old energy patterns and shift into higher vibration of wellness.

So whether its Enhanced Sports Performance, or Personal Health Issues, we have the experience and skills to help.

We also offer ongoing prescriptive tools in Tai Chi, Chi Kung Movement & Meditation for further self care and personal development.

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Work out every day but still feel you’re getting nowhere?

Feel tired all the time despite working out regularly? 

Think you’ve hit a plateau when it comes to your fitness?

 You are not alone. Whether you are working out at home or going to the gym, burnout of this kind is quite common, and usually occurs when you only focus on your workouts and not on recovery.

Percussion Meridian Massage
Cupping Therapy
PEMF & Far Infrared Heating Therapy
Medical Energy Healing   
Breathwork & Guided Mediations 

What to Expect

Personal Consultation

A personal history is taken to understand the energetic blocks and agree on treatment solutions going forward.


Fine Sterile needles are inserted into the body and ears to remove and balance the energy blocks with enhanced Chi Energy Flow. 

Journey Begins

Lay back and relax as Master Lee guides you on your personal healing journey. This may involve breathing exercises & Chi Healing.

Creating Space

The journey for better health is about finding balance.

We are here to find the best treatment plan for you.

Whether you feel your issue is minor or if you feel overwhelmed by its complexity. 

No matter the reason that brings you to us, know we are committed to helping you 

on your journey to find balance and healing.

Balance Emotions

You’ll find support to offer natural ways to improve your emotional health. We provide the energy and environment to feel comfortable focusing on your health journey.

Reduce Pain

Discover how holistic pain relief for both acute and chronic conditions can transform your life. Finding the source of your pain, can bring amazing relief.

Mental Wellness

We treat mental health just as seriously as any physical concern. We support you to create a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs.



We are equipped and trained to treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms here at the clinic. Whether your goal is to find natural health solutions or to comprehensively change your lifestyle on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, we are here for you.

We’ve successfully helped our patients with a variety of health issues. From reproductive health and fertility, to muscle and joint pain, to stress, anxiety, and depression.


Tolworth Treatments
Surrey, UK

Medical Room

Tolworth Gymnastics Club

Tala Close

Tolworth, Surrey.


New Malden Treatments
Surrey, UK

World of Golf 

Beverley Way

New Malden

By Car: World of Golf is located at Shannon Corner, the junction of the A3 and the B282.

 Local Rail: Our closest rail links are New Malden and Raynes Park, both a few minutes away by taxi.

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