About Us...

Would you like more energy, clarity of mind and a body that moves with ease?  Our primary goal at the Lee Tai Chi Centre is to help you find your centre and discover the hidden gems. All of our classes are designed to help you Raise your energy and self awareness.

Lee Fairweather (Tai Chi Lee) is a therapist, teacher and founder of the Lee Tai Chi Centre. He began learning martial arts at the age of 6 with a rewarding study in the Japanese arts of Judo, Karate and Aikido. The path led to the Chinese arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chinese Healing Systems which Lee began teaching over 30 years ago.

“I can see now that my first introduction was no coincidence! Even in my early years certain books, articles and teachers presented themselves! My heavy training and competitions in martial arts had left many aches and pains which all seemed to gradually disappear with Chi Kung practise. The first half of my Chi Journey was in the arts of Self Defence. The second part up to this point has been about putting people back together again, on the physical, mental and energetic level. It is the Yin and  the Yang "

Lee is qualified in Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Energy Healing as well as in many styles of massage and meditation.

I consider myself an energy coach as everything always comes back to healing, on so many levels. I offer students the opportunity to help themselves through movement and meditation and I can assist them on a deeper level with Acupuncture, Energetic Healing and Guided Meditation. I feel blessed to be...of service. My skill set has been widely received in the NHS where I ran the Complementary Clinics in Surrey for 5 years. I enjoy teaching the young and old alike as we can all Raise our Chi at any age!"

Lee is highly qualified in many styles of Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Chi Healing, Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy and many branches of Taoist and Buddhist Meditation. 

Discover your Health, Energy & True Potential

all within... YOUR CENTRE.

 "I feel blessed to have such wonderful students and instructors to share the Chi Journey!"

" Our mission is to share the Chi and help others Raise their awareness to the benefits and wonders of the many energy arts that we teach."