Tai Chi Healing Connections Classes

Discover How You Can Transform Your Energy In Minutes...Healing & Exercise Can Be Fun.

The Inner Secrets of Energy Cultivation, Self Healing & Meditation.

  • Exercise & Meditation

    Tai Chi Healing Connections provides a gentle awakening of the meridians, chakras and Chi energy.  A 10 minute session will refresh your whole body & Mind.

  • Treatment Session

    Discover how Tai Chi Healing Connections can become your very own Healing Treatment Session. Learn how to circulate Chi, remove blockages and energise your whole vibration.

  • Transformation

    Learn how to identify imbalances in the body, mind and emotions. Use them as a Positive Guide to Transform & Lift your Mood, Energy and Life.

Discover your Health, Energy & True Potential.

"Are you ready to Raise your Chi?  


Tai Chi Healing Connections is a system of healing and personal development. It provides the Foundations for all we Teach.

Through the gentle flowing movements of the “5 Element Form” we discover that everything is connected. We can learn to transform our negative emotions into feelings of inner peace and joy! 10 minutes everyday provides us with our own personal space and treatment session with a gradual transformation into wellness and vitality.

With regular practise the “5 Element Form” transforms our negative energy into positive Chi energy. Join us Now & begin your Tai Chi Journey Here.