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 "If you're not changing, you're not growing.

If you're not growing, intelligence will fail!" 

I am extremely pleased to be able to offer 121 Tuition Services over Zoom Meetings.

We are all having to shift our perspective and mindset on how we look at our day to day life to keep a sense of balance and stability. 

The philosophy of Tai Chi teaches us to embrace change and look for new opportunities to learn and grow.

As it looks like September may be the earliest we can return to some face to face classes in our halls, I would like to offer my services with 121 online tuition.

A one hour session could include:

- Personal tuition on the forms, meditations and breathing techniques (this will vary on each individuals progress)

- Feedback and personal guidance to correct and practise for optimum benefits

- 121 question time with Master Lee

- Private sessions will be recorded on Zoom meetings, uploaded to the website and you will have a personal password to access the recorded lessons.

If you would like to know more then please contact me to book a session.

121 Personal TuitionBOOKING NOW

121 Live Tuition Sessions are £30 per session. Payments are preferred through bank transfer (BACS) which will be sent to you with your appointment time. You can also use Paypal with links below.

  • 121 Personal Tuition
  • Detail & Insight into the Forms & Meditations
  • Guided Session - Watch, Learn & Correct
  • Questions & Answer Time
  • Recorded Session (with password) to watch again
  • Request your Session

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121 Personal Tuition Sessions are live on Zoom as a way to support your growth and learning. Meeting ID and passwords will be sent manually.

All sessions should support your level of development and abilities. Lee Tai Chi Centre cannot be responsible for any injuries or accidents during the session.